Tuesday, May 6, 2008


For sure, you all know about this FM station 90.7 (Love radio), "kelangan pa bang imemorize yannn?!!"
Every morning while travelling to my office, I always listen to their program "Tambalan ni Balahura at Balasubas"!
It really entertains me a lot. I can't help but laugh even if I'm alone.
Maybe people in the Lrt and Mrt might be thinking why I'm smiling and laughing alone.
Aside from the fact that it entertains me, I also learn alot of things from the DJ's, Nichole and cris especially when it comes to relationships. They give a straight advise on every situation, thus they are being independent. It will sometimes hurt you, but reality wise, they are right! You have to realize it.

I like most their "Top Five". Recently they have these:

Top 5 Breaking up Lines

1. Its not your fault..its mine...
2. We are better off as friends!
3. You deserve someone better than me.
4. If we are really meant for each other, perhaps we can be together again...
5. We can still be friends!

Top 5 Lies of Men:

1. You are my only textmate! Then hides his phone everytime it beeps...
2. You're the only woman I love! After being caught with a girl.
3. I went out with my friends for a party!
4. The woman I hug and kiss is my cousin!
5. I will never leave you. Then after meeting a girl prettier and sexier than you, he broke up with you.

Top 5 Signs that You Don't have Money

1. You get a sugar daddy or matron, to support your needs!
2. You pawn your jewelries and/or cellphone.
4. You become nice to your neighbour in an instant. Then later, ask him to lend you some money.
5. Pretending to be on diet! The truth is, you dont have enough money to buy food.

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