Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Dark Knight Comes!!!

The Dark Knight is now showing at cinemas starting yesterday July 17, 2008!! I've been waiting for this movie since last month, since our HR announced that all employees are invited to watch The Dark Knight at the Imax theater!! Its really a wow!!! Plus there's a free popcorn and softdrinks for us! Can't wait for saturday to come!! I've watched every batman movie and I really love it especially the Batman Begins!!

For the synopsis of this movie here's the link:


Anonymous said...

I was a fan of Batman since I was a kid, not until "The Dark Knight" was shown on the cineman. I love the movie. It is the best movie of the Batman series especially i watched it in IMAX theater. The best!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its too late for me to say this, but still,thanks for the comment!
I feel like blogging again. Watch out for my upcoming posts! =)

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