Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma Extract

Would you believe that you can have a healthy cup of coffee?
Now, its no longer impossible since ganoderma extracts were introduced to coffee industries. Ganoderma extracts came from a mushroom which is known as Reishi. A very rare and hard to find one. Thanks to the advent of technology,this mushroom can be farmed, making it more affordable and accessible to the average person. And now you can experience longitivity in nescafe lingzhi coffee with ganoderma extracts.

Reishi is used to treat many different ailments ranging from stress-related conditions to fatigue and sleep disorders. While it is great for people who suffer from any form of stress anxieties, the mushroom itself is fantastic. As an overall health tonic.

A regular course of this medicinal mushroom will help improve your bodys immune system in addition to aiding the bodys blood circulation which in turn means better overall health for you.

So next time you think of a healthy cup of coffee, think of nescafe lingzhi!! =)

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