Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hong Kong & Macau Trip - June 25-28, 2010

Originally, I booked 10 persons for this trip, but only 5 of us were able to make it coz the rest wasn't able to prepare their passport. I dont know but we booked it since January, but still they didn't make it, sigh! Their tickets were forfeited.

It was my second trip to Hongkong. The last time was with my officemates back in Sept2008. I remember having leg cramps and muscle pain starting day 1 of our trip because of the long walks since we wanted to maximize our stay.So this time, I made sure to bring manzanilla (for the muscle & varicose veins pain haha). It helps alot that I didnt feel a bit pain the entire trip. I also brought some other medicines in case of emergency and my antihistamine. I don't travel without it coz i am very much sensitive to dust & pollens which is very irritating grrr. Wish I could get rid of it.

In this trip, we went to the following places:


Ocean Park - we arrived in the Hostel around 11am. We rested, ate and took a bath. Then went to Ocean Park. My daughter had tamtrums that day and it was so disgusting. Maybe because she is so excited to visit Disneyland which we scheduled during day 1. But then it was raining that day so we had to change our schedule. We ride in the Ocean Park tower and some other rides. Of course we took some pictures. We were so tired and sleepy at the end of the day so we returned to our room. At around 9PM, me and Jona went to the night market where she had an unforgettable experience with a sales lady.

Disneyland - It was raining again that day. We bought raincoats at the main entrance and we took pictures with the raincoats on. It was really a bad day to visit disneyland. The rides were not fully operating and outdoor rides are all wet.
As usual, I always loved the disney 3D show. Its alot different from the usual 3D shows in the cinemas coz aside from the eye glasses that you wear, your chair is also moving and you also get wet (not much though). It feels like you are really part of the show.

We also ride is the disney tram that goes around the entire park and had our most unforgettable experience in Hongkong. It was in the space mountain ride. It is an indoor ride and we didn't expect it to be an indoor roller coaster, LOL! At first, the feeling was so nice when we were slowly going up. I even said wooooowwww!!! when I saw the ceiling, it feels like you are in the outerspace. There are stars, planets and moon. But suddenly, the ride becomes faster ang going up and down. It was a roller coaster!!! We were tricked! We thought it was just a feel good indoor rride, but it wasn't! It was nightmare for us coz I really dont ride things like that. I was even more concerned about my mother and daughter who are in the front seat, while I was alone in the back seat. My friend and her cousin felt the same way. And we were laughing teary eyed after the ride, especially when we saw our pictures inside. We look very terrified haha!

What I love most in disneyland is the fireworks display in the disney castle. It was so magical and enchanting. My friend confessed she had teary eyes while watching the fireworks and listening to the music- a Whole New World. If you get here, make sure to experience this. The feeling was really wonderful.

Macau - we only had a 2 hour or more tour here since all we know is that the last trip going back to Hongkong is at 5PM. We have trouble finding a ride going to Macau proper from the Pier station. There were only free shuttle to the Hotels. We went to Senado Square & St. Paul Ruins, the only place we visited in Macau as we dont have enough time. There I bought some beef jerky mixed nuts and the famous egg tart. I soo love their food that I want to go back to that place. We felt sad that we were not able to go to the Grand Venetian Hotel and experience the Skywalk at Macau Tower. This makes us plan for another trip in Macau.
After we got back from Macau, we went to the Factory outlets mall (forgot name of the mall) coz I've been planning to buy a Nike shoes and a branded bag. But I was not able to buy any of those, my shoe size is not available for one thing, etc. Instead, we went to grocery and bought some food, my favorite Andes Mint chocolate, Pistacio nuts, grapes and big long-stemmed strawberries. I sooo love them that I want to go back to Hongkong hehe.

By the way, that was my mother's birthday. My plan of buying her a cake did not push through as we were on the go the whole day. We ended our day at the baywalk to take some pictures.

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