Thursday, October 21, 2010

Island Hopping in Zambales

The first time I saw the picture of my friend in Anawangin beach-Zambales a few years ago, I was mesmerized! The place was very serene and looks like a place in China/Japan that I've seen in some movies. At last I was able to experience it myself March this year.

We actually went to 3 different islands:

Capones - where we had trekking and reached the top of an old light house. The view was breath taking. But trekking was not really my thing. I had a heavy leg going back to the shore where we had our snacks.

Nagsasa - We stayed here overnight. If I was mesmirized with Anawangin, I fell inlove with Nagsasa that I want to go here whenever I want. Though going there wasn't easy. We traveled by land for at least 4hrs and an hour boat ride. The boat ride was a bit exciting for me though. The boat was small and would accommodate only 4 passengers including the boatman. The waves were so big! It feels like we are having some rides in an amusement park! But I feel safe with my life vest and I trust the boatman, unlike my cousin who is with me in the boat. She was so afraid and later on been silent while praying. Good thing though.=)

We had an overnight camping and tequila night at the shore under the moon while playing "who is guilty". I guess in the female group, I am the most guilty of all haha.. so I kinda get tipsy at the end of the game.
The following day, I was the last one to get up from the Tent. It was my first time to go camping, espcially by the beach. The experience was over nice! =) After breakfast, we went swimming ang took a lot of pictures. Then we headed to the next island.

Nagsasa was the best island of the three, by the way. It has pine trees grown in the sand and the place was so relaxing. The view was spectacular! I soooo love Nagsasa!!!

Anawangin - the place was below my expectations. It was jam packed by beach goers. But over all, the view was still nice. I love the lagoon though. There we had the conventional halo-halo. Then, we went home full of experiences and new friends.

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