Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bday Party at CenterStage!

Me and my brothers' bday would be three weeks from now and I am sooo excited! I've been planning this since January of this year. I thought it won't push through anymore. Good thing my brother could come home this month to celebrate our bday! Its been a long time since we had our bday party together. By the way, we have same birth date, its Dec05!

The theme would be Black & White party! All guests are required to wear only black and/or white. I already booked the Presidential(biggest)room in CenterStage - Jupiter St., Makati since end of October. And my sister-in-law to be just ordered our black & white bday cupcakes this morning at Serendra, as bday gift!! Lots of thanks!! Plus there will be photobooth to serve as souvenirs for the guests!
Hope we will all have fun!

By the way, I also accept gifts! LOL! =D

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