Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coco Beach - Puerto Galera Batangas

Every year at my company, we are required to take a 7 working days off from work. We call it Mandatory Time Away (MTA). We can't enter office premises, cant log on to intranet, cant access shared drives and systems. We can access only our emails offsite which I didnt practice in my 3yrs at DKS.

Its always been a pressure for me every time I need to take my MTA coz its so hard to get a nice schedule. This year, I spent few days for some personal errands, hair cut, facial, dental and went to Coco Beach at Puerto Galera!

I was hesistant at first when I heard the name of the resort because my friend once told me that the beach wasn't good because it's rocky and full of corals. But we still booked for it. We chose to go there on our own since the service would require us to get up very early in the morning. And so we took a bus from LRT Buendia going to Batangas Pier and rode on a big motorboat going to Sabang. From Sabang we took a small motorboat to Coco Beach.

When we arrived, we were offered Buco juice in a coconut shell & a garland made of small seashells which I took home for my daughter. We originally booked for 3 days, but we cant get enough of the place, so we extended for another day.

The resort has 1 big pool with restaurant at the middle and the native cottages are all over the place. Each cottage has veranda where you can relax while enjoying the cool sea breeze and of course the view of the beach. I soo love the feeling. They also have a revolving restaurant though we were not able to try it coz we are always late for lunch or dinner. Lol!

The resort has activities everyday and you can book yourself for all of them if you want. You can even borrow DVD dics from the reception area or watch movie at their mini theatre every night. You can also go diving,snorkling, pool/beach swimming during the day,or play basketball, table tennis, badminton, billiards etc. And during dinner time, they will serenade you with music.

I so love the place that I still dont want to go home. It is soo quiet and relaxing. I spent every afternoon at the "duyan" in front of the beach doing nothing. It is also my first time to swim at an 8ft pool, huh! coz before I am soo afraid even only in a 5ft pool. Maybe because I feel safe with my companions who are good swimmers.

I remember the first time I am trying to jump into the pool. I was hesitating when a 10 yr old dutch boy pushed me to the pool! I didnt drown myself though I gulped some water. His name is Victor. We spent the whole afternoon playing/tricking with him. And it was alot of fun! Before we left the pool, Victor invited me to play billiards with him after dinner. He thought I am just a 15 yrd old girl haha... we were laughing so hard!

In our entire vacation, all we did was swim, eat, watch dvd, "duyan", drink, snorkle and eat some more. And so after that, I gained 8 pounds! grrr I already look fat on my swimsuit on the 3rd day! But overall, we were so happy, well rested and satisfied. For sure I'd want to go back to that resort. =)

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