Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hongkong Disneyland!!

When the immigration officer asked me why I wanna visit Hongkong, I wasn't prepared...the only thing I remember was that, I will visit Disneyland! And that was what I told him, then my passport was stamped ok for 3days, whew!
We went straight to the place where we stayed since we arrived there around 10:30PM.The following day we went to Giant Buddah, disneyland and night market. Then to Ocean park and the Peak on our second day. We were so tired walking all day until midnight. What I love most is our trip to Ocean Park, but I regret not riding the hot air baloon! If only I am with my bf, we will surely have fun riding the hot air baloon.

In our stay there, I noticed the following:
1. Bus has a second floor at ang bagal! Para kayong nagtotour.
2. Bus has luggage area where you can place your bags or things, monitored by a small TV upstairs.
3. No traffic and you can hardly see private cars. Their primary transpo is MTR (MRT in our case), taxi and bus.
4. Above the drivers' head, you can see a note: "Talking to the Driver in not Probited". Penalty of HKD 5000. (I think)
5. No eating or drinking inside the Bus and MTR. With penalty of HKD 5000 or 10,000.
6. The place was too humid.
7. You can see tall buildings all over the place. Mostly old buildings.
8. Streets are clean.
9. MTR has a glass wall.
10.They have Octopus card you can use in MTR, bus and even at some stores and restaurants. Its just like a prepaid card.
11.Airport is too huge. You might get lost if you don't know the right way.
12.There is free public phone inside the airport but only for local calls.
13.There are lots of Indians and Nigers there, but Pinoys outnumbered them.
14.Frenchfries replace rice in fastfoods like Mcdonalds and KFC since no rice is being sold.
15.In KFC,people use plastic gloves in eating rather than spoon and fork.
16.KFC has buttered corn in stick as side dish.
17.Lots of factory outlets of branded items.
18.Layers and layers and layers of flyovers.
19.The national shoes of Hongkong is Nike!! Young and old uses Nike!

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