Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Silhoutte by hjoan espina

When my soul’s clamor is but a mute ballad,
When my dream is but a vision in the sand,
When time is but a drifting melancholy,
My home is the silhouette of your memory.

Lost in the myriad chambers of my brain
Your memories and my dreams, tangled in a chain;
Lost in my own labyrinth, unmindful of the time fleeing
The silhouette of your smile keeps me breathing.

While acres and acres, the distance between us defined,
While time and tide, my plea of delay, constantly declined,
While moon’s waxing and waning, the lovers continuously find,
The more that the silhouette of your being stick in my mind.

Believe in tale, believe in music, believe in love,
Believe that this lifetime is but a wink of a dove;
Believe that forever is a series of lifetimes – bitter or sweet,
Then believe – in time, together we’ll be, in a perfect silhouette.

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