Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rosegold Beach Resort

Every year in NYK, we always have a company outing. In my 4yrs stay in that company, it was my first time to go with them at Rosegold beach resort, Calatagan Batangas last summer 2007.
The resort is just a 4 hours drive from manila using a private car. Its not advisable to go there when you plan to commute since the resort is located in a secluded place. But the long trip is really worthwhile when you see those floating cottages in the resort. It is really a romantic gate-away for couples who want to spend a relaxing weekend together after a busy week at the city. We even saw couples having a tan in the beach side.
It has a slightly white sand and a really nice shoreline to play some sports. There we had badminton, tag of war and obstacle course with my officemates. But of course you play some other sports/games you can think of like beach volleyball, patintero, flying saucer, etc.

Sad to say, the water in the beach is low even for sereval meters away. We just merge into the water and took pictures of ourselves. And to complete our swimming, we enjoyed the pool near the restaurant area together with the kids. The resort has 2 pools, one for adults and one for the kids just parallel to each other. So the adults can just look after their kids from their pool. But they are strict as to swim-wear, so you have to bring your favorite 2pc or trunks! But if you are a little shy, you can top it with a plain white t-shirt and shorts with garter, etc (as long as there's no button).

After a tiring day, we had our candlelit dinner in front of the beach.. It must be so romantic for couples! =) We indulged ourselves to a variety of food from grilled fish, meat and seafoods, and vegetables to a sumptouos desserts.
After that, the boys had their bonding while drinking red wine, while the girls just had their "pulutan" at the veranda of the cottages. Some of us went to the restaurant which is open for 24hrs for videoke.
The nice experience I had with NYK is that in every occasion or outing, you can always tag along your love ones like wife/husband, kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, siblings, parents and even your drivers and yaya's hehe.. but of course you have to pay for their share. The company only pays for the employee. Unluckily, that year I dont have a boyfriend! (even til now =) ). While all most of them have their special someone,huh!

What I like most with Rosegold beach resort are their cottages in floating drama, plus the view from the veranda of a really nice and serene, calm beach.

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